Customer Testimonials

VVTA - A Rider Experience

Carolyn Robinson, VVTA rider since 2010, discusses her experiences. VVTA keep Carolyn connected to the community so she can do her shopping and banking, go to doctor's appointments, and attend social events.

Ecolane Helps Arlington Optimize Performance

Arlington Handitran management and staff discuss how Ecolane has helped them increase their on-time performance, lower maintenance costs, and increase performance with fewer resources.

Ecolane Driver Benefits - Testimonial

VVTA and Arlington Handitran scheduling staff and drivers talk about the benefits of using the MDT, GPS, and and the instant availability of customer information and special needs prior to pick-up.

Why VVTA Chose Ecolane

Victor Valley Transit Authority details the benefits of Ecolane's automated scheduling, reporting functions, thorough training, and unmatched customer service.

Ecolane Mobile App User Experience

Arlington Handitran Operations Supervisor Alex Radke and Arlington Handitran rider Shelby Jamison discuss the benefits of using the Ecolane app to book trips, monitor the vehicle location, communicate with caregivers and family members, and get alerts.

Technological Challenges- Implementation

Ecolane values your questions. Go to for more information.

Demographic Challenges- Aging Population and Spatial Dispersion

Ecolane values your questions. Go to for more information.

Financial Challenges- Funding and ROI

This customer testimonial discusses the financial advantages and ultimate return on investment (ROI) of using the Ecolane Demand-Responsive Transportation (DRT) software.

Ecolane- Technological Challenges, Manual Entry and Administration

This customer testimonial discusses how Ecolane helped solved the problems that came with manual entry and the benefits of overcoming some of the technological challenges during the transition to a completely autonomous system that is continuously optimized.

DDOT - Powered by Ecolane

Customers talk about how Ecolane's DRT software helped increase rides per hour and on-time performance.

Safety with Ecolane Customer Service

Customer talk about the importance of not only getting riders to their destinations promptly, but also safely. Ecolane has many tools that help facilitate smooth and safe rides for passengers built into the optimization that helps increase on-time performance.

Efficiency & Productivity

Find out what customers have to say about the Ecolane DRT software giving them the ability to maximize efficiency and productivity with less costs.